This quilted icosahedron is packed with 180 RGB LEDs and a pair of speakers, all controlled by a Raspberry Pi. I made it as a learning project and Python playground and as an experiment in light diffusion.

A learning project

After using Adafruit’s NeoPixel rings to create sun and moon wake-up lamps…

My moon phase lamp is the follow-up to the sunrise lamp I created to convince our son that the day does not start at 5am.

With this new model I wanted to make some improvements and break out of my coding comfort zone as I know I’ve picked up some…

It’s a fairly common problem for kids to wake up and not know what time it is and so sleep trainer clocks like the one pictured below are also fairly common. Stars during the night and then Mr. Sunshine appears at a set time.

Gro clock
Gro Clock

We were passed down two…

Allan and Janet Ahlberg’s ‘The Jolly Postman’ is one of the most captivating books I can remember from my first years in primary school. It tells the tale of a bicycling postman who goes about a village delivering letters to fairy tale characters. With each turn of the page there…

One trip down a YouTube rabbit hole I stumbled across the ingenious Beals Science Cardboard Planetarium, a geodesic cardboard dome big enough to fit an entire secondary school classroom inside. I thought having a go at making my own scaled down version would be a perfect lockdown project.

Geodesic Domes


I recently rediscovered my first adventure in pure JavaScript: a not-so-random random name chooser.

Nothing beats the analogue method of picking names from a hat. Somehow though, having the computer make the choice adds an element of magic and authenticity in the eyes of the pupils.

Years ago my first…

Russell Eveleigh

A primary school teacher and family man in the UK who likes tinkering with code and who sometimes tries to write good.

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